German ยป Television

Foreign and study television programmes.

Cenk Batu
Cenk Batu
Cenk Batu is about a German, with Turkish heritage, working as an undercover agent in Hamburg. It's a bit like The Professionals, but there is only one of them. Cenk Batu is part of the Tatort crime series. As a learning aid, the spoken German can be quiet and fast - for beginners it may not always be obvious that the characters are speaking German.
Deutsch Plus
Deutsch Plus by BBC
A 20-part series from the BBC, when the BBC used to put educational programmes on in the twilight hours. Deutsch Plus follows Nicolae Antonescu, a refugee now living in Cologne who has an internship at the television company Deutsch Plus. As the episodes ensue his vocabulary grows and his sentences get longer, he talks faster, gets involved in a Turkish drug deal and has a fling with the office dreamboat. Subtitles in English. This series is currently available on YouTube.
Deutschland '83
Deutschland '83 by Anna LeVine
Set in 1983 when the relationship between East and West Germany was in crisis, a young solider from Eastern Germany is ordered to enter West Germany and spy on the military. The music and culture of the time is very 80’s. The soundtrack is either 1980’s style “nill points” cheese or an amazing imitation of it. The voices are clear, and the story is interesting. The whole series is available on UK Channel 4, with English subtitles, but you have to give them your identity.
Generation War
Generation War by Stefan Kolditz
Five friends go out to war and promise each other to be back for Christmas, what could possible go wrong.
Inspector Borowski
Inspector Borowski
Borowski is a middle-aged homicide detective based in Kiel. He has a side-kick with a secret, and she seems to do a lot of the investigative work. For language students, the German is often clearly spoken and delivered at a relaxed pace. Inspector Borowski is not in fact a TV series, but part of the Tatort television series, which has been running since 1970 and regularly changes Inspector and city.